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Firefox 3.1 to have a Privacy Mode

IE 8 beta 2 came out with there “Porn InPrivate”, Chrome had “Incognito” mode, and even Safari has a stealth feature and now Firefox will also be coming out with there Privacy mode with Firefox 3.1. Even though there are add-ons for Firefox that does the job but none are worthwhile.

Google Chrome : First Impressions

Yesterday, the whole web world was buzzing with the launch of Google browser Chrome. I to played with it for a few hours and I have to say that it is here to stay and provide some tough competition to Firefox as well. You can download Chrome from the Google site. The installation will take […]

Google Chrome : A Browser by Google

There have a been a lot of talks about a Google Browser being in works for many years. I never thought that was going to happen as Google kept releasing a lot of services that were aimed for other browsers such as Google Gears etc. Google Blogoscoped has published a comic book which they say, […]