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How to Remove NewFolder.exe Virus

NewFolder.exe is one of the most irritating virus that you will ever come across. It mainly infects through the Pen Drive and once it does, it will create exe files resembling the name of all your folders. If your folder has name “docs”, it will create the file ‘Docs.exe’ and similar files for all your […]

How To View the Contents of Zip/Rar file before Downloading

Most of the files we download from the Internet are in Zip or Rar format. We wouldn’t like if we download an archive to find that the file we are looking for is not there. And it is also such a waste of Bandwidth and time to download a whole archive just for a single […]

Surf Websites in Office with GhostZilla

You have to be careful when you surf websites in office as there are a lot of snooping people around or even your boss might see what you are doing. Earlier I have written about how you can surf websites in Office using a Vanishd. This time, I will tell you about GhostZilla, a browser […]

How to Add Related Posts and Bookmarks to Your WordPress Blog

This is a guest post written by Kumar Saurav aka Diesel of YabBLOG where he writes about Technology, Linux, Softwares. Do visit his blog for some great tips or Subscribe to keep yourself updated. Keeping it clean and simple is the what every blogger should keep in mind. This tutorial will help you to do […]

How to Take Screenshots of Websites

If you want to take the Screenshot of a Website, you certainly won’t want to use ‘Printscreen’ as most probably, it will will be able to capture half of your Website. Webshot is a nice little freeware which will make this job a lot easier for you. It will allow you to take Screenshots of […]