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How to Disable User Account Control (UAC) in Vista

One of the security features in Vista is the User Account Control (UAC) feature. When ever you try to install a program or any processes try to change the system setting, it displays a prompt through which you can accept or disable the action. This increases the security of the system but can sometime turn […]

How to Surf Websites in Office

You have to be very careful if you want to surf the net in the your office as you might get on the wrong side of your boss if you are caught surfing Orkut, Youtube etc in Office. Sometimes you don’t even want your co workers to find out what your doing.

How to do Group Chat in Google Talk

  One of the major things which Google Talk lacks is the ability to have conference or do Group Chats . Though GTalk Gadget has the option for group chats , it is not present in Google Talk. However there is way of simulating a group chat in Google Talk with the use of Partychat […]