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Manage Bookmarks Visually with Tidy Favorites

Tidy Favorites is next generation program that makes managing bookmarks between different browsers a lot easier. It allows you to create Bookmarks that can be shared between different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. Though there are a lot of similar software’s around, its visual element is something that makes it worth a try. […]

Firefox 3.1 to have a Privacy Mode

IE 8 beta 2 came out with there “Porn InPrivate”, Chrome had “Incognito” mode, and even Safari has a stealth feature and now Firefox will also be coming out with there Privacy mode with Firefox 3.1. Even though there are add-ons for Firefox that does the job but none are worthwhile.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 : First Impressions

After installing and trying out Internet Explorer 8 beta 2, it looks as though Microsoft is serious about giving some tough competition to Firefox 3. The new beta has got some new features that makes browsing much faster and more intuitive. It has an improved address bar, a suggested sites feature, intelligent tabs, a privacy […]

Greasemonkey Scripts for Internet Explorer

If you are an Internet Explorer user like me, you must have missed the cool Greasemonkey extensions which can be used with FireFox. But now, there is some hope for us. A IE add on is available called Greasemonkey for IE which can be used to bring the functionality of Greasemonkey to Internet Explorer. The […]

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 launched

A few backs Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 was in talks as it had passed the ACID 2 test. Now it looks like the Browser has hit the beta 1 milestone. Microsoft sent out a letter to some selected beta testers offering them a chance to try out the technical preview of Internet Explorer 8 beta […]