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Hard Disk Trouble and Recovery

The Last week was quite an eventful one for me . Was too busy with my Computer Problems that didnt find any time to post on this blog . Well , lemme go in a little bit of detail here .  Last week while watching a movie on my Computer suddenly i was confronted with […]

Virtual Drives : Alcohol 120% Vs Daemon Tools

Virtual Drives have become quite popular over the last few years.  It allows you to keep you expensive CD/DVD in a locker to prevent damage and still use it by making a image and mounting it . They also run faster than our normal drives. So this thing has made it quite popular among the […]

AntiSocial Digg

Well Social bookmarking sites have gained a lot of popularity these days and digg is one of the best and famous social bookmarking sites out there . But this article at Forevergeek will make you question the social nature of digg.

Sketchup : Google’s New Service

Google has just released Google SketchUp, a 3-D modeling program that is being Offered in 2 versions , one is free version and the other Google Sketchup Pro costs 495$ . The free version enables us to 3d models of Houses , sheds , decks etc can be created and can even be posted on […]

OnSpeed : Save Your Bandwidth

OnSpeed is a great tool which can be used for saving Bandwidth while working on the net . As well as incresing your browsing speeds it also decreses the BW usage by some sort of compressing the data before it gets downloaded .  It can be found here  . If you got a Broadband connection […]