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VLC player 0.8.6 released

VLC is one of my favourite movie players. Though i mostly prefer Windows Media Player , but i turn to VLC everytime i get a file which doesnt play in WMP and truly VLC is able to play them …Today a new version is out …some new features in it are Building on feedback from […]


It’s been nearly a month since i last posted on this blog …and trust me I have been really busy during this time …first i had my exams , then i got a week vacations and during that time i just decided to rest , rest and rest . After vacations i got busy with […]

The Gaming Gurus

Well we all love gaming dont we . In this post i look at few of the people who have made a diffrence in this field, without them the gaming scenario would have been very much diffrent . John Carmack   If you are a true action gamer , you would recognize him at once […]

XNA Links

In my previous posts i mentioned that Microsoft has released XNA Game Studio Express to enable anyone to program game for the Windows and the XBOX . Here are a few Links which contains tutorials , examples , videos to get you started . MSDN Forums : Microsoft developers Network forums is an ideal place […]

Live ads in Games

A new form of advertising may soon be around to hit us . Advertisers who want to get there products noticed to 16-30 years old , EA Games and Microsoft might have a solution for you . EA Games , in conjunction with Massive Incorporated (a subsidiary of Microsoft) will be able to provide live […]