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Make Games for Windows and XBOX 360

Microsoft has released the public beta of XNA Game Studio Express , the technology that will open up game development to new people including student , independent developers . They may be hoping to bring some creativity to this entertainment industry . Game Developers or those interested can download the tool from here to develop […]

Be Careful before you comment

The owner of , one of the top 100 blogs on technorati has been called to testify over the comments made on his blog . One reader of the blog is suing another after being slandered on the blog thorugh comments . Now this is the first time i am hearing of such a […]

Windows Live Writer : Hands on

Microsoft recently released a blogging editor called Windows Live Write which would enable you to write blog posts . The application is currently free and is only available for the Windows Platform . I recently tried the application and to say the truth , i was quite pleased with it . The download size is […]

AMD to Buy ATI

Just saw this news on digg . AMD today announced plans to buy Ati in a deal worth $5.4 billion . There aim is to create products that can have innovative capabilities in terms of processing and Graphics . Lets see what it turns out to be . Read the Press Release    

No More Vista Beta

Microsoft have now closed there Vista Preview program . The downloads are available till 14th July but they have stopped giving the product key . Luckily i have downloaded it and even installed it once but removed it as it was showing some incompatibility with few games and VB.NET . But they have really made the desktop and interface more interesting […]