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Windows 7 System Requirements

Microsoft has released the Windows 7 RC for the Technet subscribers and it will also be released for the general public next week. Microsoft has also released the Windows 7 System Requirements for the Windows 7 RC. While Windows 7 is scheduled to release later this year, it will not be much different from the […]

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 : First Impressions

After installing and trying out Internet Explorer 8 beta 2, it looks as though Microsoft is serious about giving some tough competition to Firefox 3. The new beta has got some new features that makes browsing much faster and more intuitive. It has an improved address bar, a suggested sites feature, intelligent tabs, a privacy […]

Internet Explorer 8 to have a Privacy Mode

Microsoft is going to add a new Privacy Mode to its next release of Internet Explorer 8. With it, just by clicking a button, users will be able to limit how much information is recorded where they go online and what they do. This made will also clear the browser cache at the end of […]

Protect your Computer with Microsoft Malicious Software Removal tool

Microsoft Malicious software Removal Tool is a utility that checks your computer for infection by malicious software and helps remove them. It can remove several types of infection such as those by ‘Sasser’, ‘MyDoom’, ‘Blaster’ etc.

Microsoft PhotoSynth now Public

This is a good news for all the photographers. Microsoft has taken PhotoSynth out of the Microsoft Live Labs and made it public. It is an application which lets you view images in a 3d manner when they are put together. Lots of related images can be put together to create a 3d effect.