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As a student or a researcher, you always rely on the help of Google or other search engines to search for content related to your project, assignments or any specific topic. KnowledgeThy is an online search engine powered by Google Custom Search that provides the best results possible to students related to there studies or […]

Perform Visual Search with SearchMe

Normally when we perform a search on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, we are presented with a bunch of text links as results and sometimes the pages may not contain the information that we want. SearchMe is search engine that provides users with the screenshot of the Website in the form of search result so […]

Cuil Search Engine : Not so Cool

On Monday, the Cuil (pronounced “cool”) search engine was finally launched. And since it has been developed by ex-Googlers, it was bound to be compared to Google. But with an impressive index of more than 120 billion web pages, it still needs a lot of work if it wants to beat Google.