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Force Remove Windows Programs with Geek Uninstaller

Geek Uninstaller is a freeware which offers more features than the basic Windows uninstall manager. Though it does not offer as many features as present in other uninstallers, it provides all the essential features in a basic interface which is very easy to use.

Change File and Folder Attributes with Attribute Changer

Attribute Changer is a freeware windows utility which can be used to change file attributes of multiple files or folders. It provides a great interface as well as integration with windows right click menu allowing you to change attributes on the fly.

Manage Multiple Clipboard Channels with Clipjump

Clipjump is an enhanced multiple clipboard manager application which keeps track of all the data that you copy to the clipboard. The default windows clipboard doesn’t give you any option other than simple and copy and paste. Clipjump keeps track of all the items that you copy to your clipboard in any format and you […]

Hide Data Inside Audio Files with DeepSound

DeepSound is a freeware steganography tool which can be used to hide secret data inside audio files. Once the data has been hidden inside the sound file, the file can be played normally like a music file. Except the increase in file size, there is no indication that the sound file contains any hidden data.

Insert Frequently Used Text Anywhere With TypeText

TypeText is a freeware using which you can quickly insert your frequently used text snippets or words into any text editor. Many times while typing something or replying to mails, there are some text that we use quite often. Using TypeText, we can quickly insert them by a single button click.