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Protect Computer From Unauthorized access with Lockscreen Pro

Lockscreen Pro is a free screen locking software which can lock the computer screen to prevent unauthorized access. You can password protect your computer which also prevents unauthorized access but Lockscreen Pro provides some great features and it gives a very beautiful interface also.

Create Seamless Textures with Imagelys Picture Styles

Imagelys Picture Styles is a graphics editor using which you can create unlimited number of graphical textures within a short time. You can create Textures, desktop or web page background, original wallpapers, skins for your favorite applications and you don’t need to be an expert to do so. You can couple a huge range of […]

Get Information about Remote Windows PC with AdvancedRemoteInfo

AdvancedRemoteInfo is a small utility which allows you to gather detailed information from a remote windows PC in a network. This is quite useful for network administrators and even users who are maintaining a local area network. The information it gather contains information about installed hardware, network configuration, software, printers, files shared, user info etc.

Hide Your Folders using Folder Protector

We all have some data or files in our hard disks that we want to keep secure from everybody. Folder Protector is a lightweight and free software that enables you to hide your folders thereby protecting the information inside it.

Rainlendar – Nice Desktop Calendar

Rainlendar is small Desktop Calendar utility which integrates nicely with your desktop and comes with some nice features. You can fully customize the calendar according to your taste and can also use mix skins to give it a unique look. It uses the standard iCalendar format to store the tasks and events so that they […]