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100000 + and counting

The title is sure to confuse you but this is the amount of spam I have received in the past year. Akismet is the only spam comment plugin I am using on this blog right now. In the beginning it worked well but for the last few weeks, i have noticed many spam comments bypassing […]

Get paid to receive spam

We all hate SPAM, it is everywhere, in our inbox, in our blog comments, in our IM messages and what now. But what would you say if you get paid to receive spam. Boxbe is a service that lets you choose the type of advertisement you want to receive and actually pays you for doing […]

Spam , Spam , Spam

The problem of Spam is nowdays almost faced by all the bloggers . Some receive around 1000 spam comments everyday . Luckily we have many ways to tackle the situation . Some may be user friendly or some may not . I have been using Akismet since i stated blogging and to be honest it […]