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SearchMyFiles is a nice Windows Search Replacement

SearchMyFiles is a nice freeware which allows you to find files on your Computer with a lot of search options. If you are not happy with the default search provided by Windows, then give this program a try. It gives you a lot of search options that can be quickly accessed from a single screen.

Syncless is a Nice Tag Based File Synchronization Tool

Syncless is a freeware file synchronization tool using which you can synchronize files between two or more locations. I have reviewed a lot of File Synchronizations tools here but what makes Syncless different is that it uses a tag based synchronization which you won’t find in any other program. Instead of specifying the folders that […]

Get System Information with SimpleSysInfo

SimpleSysInfo is a freeware that gives you complete information about your Computer’s hardware as well as operating system. Though it does not give you a very detailed information, the basic information that it provides is good enough to know about all the different components of the Computer.

Protect Internet Privacy with Free Internet Eraser

Free Internet Eraser is a freeware which can protect your Internet Privacy by erasing the Internet History items and tracks of past activities. It is very easy to use and can get rid of most of the Internet History tracks. It can delete Internet history, browser history, address bar history, Internet cache, cookies, of your […]

Perfgraph is a Nice System Performance Monitor

Perfgraph is a nice and small visual system performance monitor which enables you to keep track of your CPU usage, network usage, memory usage and hardware etc. All the information is displayed in the form of graph and it has been implemented as an explorer toolbar so it does not take much space on your […]