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Windows 7 System Requirements

Microsoft has released the Windows 7 RC for the Technet subscribers and it will also be released for the general public next week. Microsoft has also released the Windows 7 System Requirements for the Windows 7 RC. While Windows 7 is scheduled to release later this year, it will not be much different from the […]

Firefox Gets the “Porn” Private Mode

One of the main features that almost all the latest browser like IE 8 , Chrome etc have in common is the “Private” browsing mode or the “Porn” mode. However, Firefox 3 was missing this feature and Firefox 3.1 beta 2 which will be released for the general public soon will have this feature.

Gmail gets SMS messaging

Google is adding a lot of new features to Gmail like Gadgets, Emoticons, Canned responses, Mail Googles etc. Google is rolling out a new feature for Gmail which allows you to send SMS from your chat window in the left hand pane. The feature is available through the Gmail Labs and you will have to […]

Google Analytics Getting Adsense Integration

One of the features that many Adsense publishers were looking for is here. I am talking about the integration of Adsense with Google Analytics. The new facility has already started rolling out and will be available to all the Adsense publishes gradually.

Google Ads now on Games

Google is ready to extend there Adsense programs to include video games. It will soon be launching “Adsense in Games”, a technology which has been designed to show advertisements in web based video games. This way, advertisers can get a new way to reach there customers.