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How to Enable Equalizer in Windows Media Player 12

If you have tried Windows 7 Beta or RC release, you must have noticed that it is coming with Windows Media Player 12. Windows Media Player 12 has an enhanced graphical user interface and comes with some more built-in codecs. If you try it out in detail, you will notice that the equalizer and other […]

Watch English Premier League/Champions League/ La Liga/Serie A Online For Free

As a Football fan, I prefer watching matches on my TV. Some of the times when the match is not being shown on the TV or when I want to work simultaneously while watching these matches, I prefer to watch them online. I don’t have to install any software and there are 3 websites which […]

How to Remove NewFolder.exe Virus

NewFolder.exe is one of the most irritating virus that you will ever come across. It mainly infects through the Pen Drive and once it does, it will create exe files resembling the name of all your folders. If your folder has name “docs”, it will create the file ‘Docs.exe’ and similar files for all your […]

How to download Blocked files in Office

Earlier I told you about How to surf Websites in Office. This time i have another cool trick. Many a times when you use the Internet in Office or college, you will be behind a proxy and sometime you won’t be allowed to access some specific file extensions. Download At Work is a nice web […]

How To View the Contents of Zip/Rar file before Downloading

Most of the files we download from the Internet are in Zip or Rar format. We wouldn’t like if we download an archive to find that the file we are looking for is not there. And it is also such a waste of Bandwidth and time to download a whole archive just for a single […]