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How to Disable User Account Control (UAC) in Vista

One of the security features in Vista is the User Account Control (UAC) feature. When ever you try to install a program or any processes try to change the system setting, it displays a prompt through which you can accept or disable the action. This increases the security of the system but can sometime turn […]

How to open UIF Files

UIF ( Universal Image Format ) is a powerful image compression file format for backing CD/DVD. One of the advantages it has over other formats such as ISO etc is that it also supports compression and the file size is reduced. It also supports password protection and encryption keep your data safe. This format is […]

How to Take Screenshots of Websites

If you want to take the Screenshot of a Website, you certainly won’t want to use ‘Printscreen’ as most probably, it will will be able to capture half of your Website. Webshot is a nice little freeware which will make this job a lot easier for you. It will allow you to take Screenshots of […]

Browse Internet Anonymously with Tor

When you browse the web, you are vulnerable to web attacks, Websites can track your activities, know your IP address, geographical details, find out all about your online activities and lots more. So sometimes, it is better to surf the web in anonymity. Tor is a software that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a […]

How to Surf Websites in Office

You have to be very careful if you want to surf the net in the your office as you might get on the wrong side of your boss if you are caught surfing Orkut, Youtube etc in Office. Sometimes you don’t even want your co workers to find out what your doing.