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Watermark your Images with Free Watermark Tool

WatermarkTool is a free online watermark tool which you can use to Watermark your images quickly and from anywhere. Normally i prefer the inbuilt ‘Watermark’ feature in Windows Live Writer to apply watermark to my images but this can come handy many times when you are working on a different machine which doesn’t have your […]

Create Safe Tiny URLs with SHUURL

If you receive a TinyURL link or any other link in shortened form, you are unsure as to where the link will lead you. It might sometimes lead you to a malware or other such sites. SHURLL is web service for creating small and compact URLs. It is similar to TinyURL but it also provides […]

Search For Files on Rapidshare with Rapidstack

Rapidshare is one the best file hosting services available. If you download a lot from Rapidshare, then you must have noticed that many Rapidshare links that you find are either dead or not working. Searching for working links can sometimes take a lot of time. Rapidstack is a real-time Rapidshare search engine. One of its […]

Create Temporary Chat Rooms with TinyChat

The popularity of Twitter has seen several services come up that let you express yourself in more than 140 characters. Sometimes, it is better to chat with your friends on chat rooms. TinyChat is a web service that lets you create simple chat rooms instantly. You don’t have to sign up for anything and you […]

Avoid Fake Torrents with Vertor

Most of use torrents for downloading a lot of stuff. But Torrents also contain a lot of spam these days. Many of the torrents turn out to be fake and some may even contain spywares or other malwares. Most of the time, we are not sure what are we downloading.  Vertor, which is short for […]