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Organize Your Desktop with Fences

Fences is a free program which helps you in organizing your desktop icons for more efficiency and productivity. The program lets you quickly organize your icons into separate windows on your desktop. You can choose from pre included layouts or you can move and resize them according to your liking. You can even label them […]

Password Protect Data in USB Drives with USB Safeguard

USB Safeguard is a freeware using which you can password protect your files inside USB Drives. Only the person having the required password will be able to decrypt the files and access them. This way, even if you lose your USB drive somewhere, you will be pretty much secure. The program uses the secure AES […]

TinyTask Lets you Record and Play Screencast

TinyTask is a very tiny freeware using which you can quickly record and play screencast. As the name suggests, the program is very tiny and is only 32k in size out of which around 14k are being occupied by icons. The program lets you quickly record screencast and playback. Screencast are very useful when you […]

Close Annoying Windows automatically with ClickOff

ClickOff is a freeware which allows you to close user confirmation dialog boxes and windows automatically without any click of the mouse. This is specially useful for people who get annoyed when they try to close a window and are greeted by a dialog box or window which says “Are you sure you want to […]

Analyze Hard Drive Space with Disk Space Fan

I have reviewed a number of Disk Space analyzer programs on the blog including WinDirStat, SpaceSniffer, GetFolderSize etc. Disk Space Fan is another such utility which lets you find out what is taking up space on your disk drives but it displays the information using interactive fan style graphs.