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Tweak Windows with WinSecret

If you are a fan of Windows Customization and like to tweak it according to your needs, then this software is just for you. There are a lot of tweaks for Windows available all over the net which require you to modify the registry and doing so can sometimes be dangerous. WinSecret is a freeware […]

“New Folder” Option missing from “New” Menu in Windows Vista

Today when I tried creating a New Folder in Windows Vista, I saw that the option was missing from the right click “New” menu. I tried creating it through the explorer by going to “Organize – New Folder”. This option was there but it was doing nothing. I was able to successfully able to create […]

How to Disable User Account Control (UAC) in Vista

One of the security features in Vista is the User Account Control (UAC) feature. When ever you try to install a program or any processes try to change the system setting, it displays a prompt through which you can accept or disable the action. This increases the security of the system but can sometime turn […]

Windows 7 to be more human friendly

Microsoft didn’t get the amount of success they would have anticipated from Windows Vista. Some even labeled Vista as the biggest disappointment of 2007. Even though Vista had some nice animation effects and some enhancements such as DX 10, Readyboost etc, it didn’t go well with the critics. Now Microsoft is pushing for a 2009 […]

How to make Windows XP look like Windows Vista

Even though Windows Vista didnt reach the same height of popularity like Windows XP, its Aero theme and interface is worth checking out. Now to make Windows XP look and feel similar to Windows Vista, we are going to make use of three applications