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Top 10 Free Applications to Burn CD/DVD

Nero is the name which comes to mind when we think of CD/DVD burning. Mostly Nero comes bundled with out CD/DVD drives but the latest version of Nero is also resource intensive. There are other free alternatives which can perform as well as Nero and also consume less resource and space. Here are the 10 […]

Create Image Galleries with Porta

Porta is a free software that allows you to create image galleries from your digital photos. If you have some digital photos that you want to share, it can be a nice idea to share them in the form of a photo gallery. With Porta, you can easily create photo galleries with just a few […]

Get Gmail Access Offline with Geemail

Google has Google Gears which lets you access your Gmail account offline. However, if you are a fan of Adobe Air, then you will like Geemail, an application that lets you access Gmail on your desktop and also offline.

Create a Personal File Sharing Server with HFS

If you want to share files with a friend or someone, you probably do i through Instant Messengers or P2P. It would be better if you could just post your files on a web server and all your friends can download the files from there. HFS is a HTTP File Server that allows you to […]

Compare Two Files with Comparer

Comparer is a free tool that allows you to compare the properties of the two files side by side. It uses Total Commander’s WDX plugins to display the properties of the two files side by side.