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WordPress Tiger Administration

The best thing about WordPress is that it offers a huge list of extensible plugins for customization . Now i have always found the Admin Interface of WordPress to be quite dull and boring but there are lot of plugins available to fix that also . One plugin which i have started using is that […]

Spam , Spam , Spam

The problem of Spam is nowdays almost faced by all the bloggers . Some receive around 1000 spam comments everyday . Luckily we have many ways to tackle the situation . Some may be user friendly or some may not . I have been using Akismet since i stated blogging and to be honest it […]

Publish your post in advance

This is neat trick which i found recently in WordPress. It is not a new one , many of you would probably be usingĀ  it . It lets us set the date and time when we want to publish our post . 1) Type your post as usual 2) Before publishing the post , just […]

WordPress Plugin :Comment in 8 Indian Languages

For Indian bloggers , now you can can let the readers leave the comment in there own languages such as Hindi , Gujrati , bengali , Telgu , Tamil , Punjabi etc using a plugin from Monusoft . This plugin will convert the comment box in to sort of a magic box where the user […]