“New Folder” Option missing from “New” Menu in Windows Vista

Today when I tried creating a New Folder in Windows Vista, I saw that the option was missing from the right click “New” menu. I tried creating it through the explorer by going to “Organize – New Folder”. This option was there but it was doing nothing. I was able to successfully able to create a folder through DOS but that is not something you prefer.

New Folder fix

I thought that it might be due to a virus but a scan by my anti virus and anti spyware didn’t find anything. So after searching, I was able to find a solution to this problem. Apparently, the reason why this is happening is unknown. to fix the problem, download this file (folderfix_vista.zip) , extract it to your desktop, you will get a .reg file . Right click on that file and select “Merge” in administrator mode and add it to your registry.

After that, simply refresh the desktop 2-3 times and the entry will be back and working.


  1. CB says:

    In the last few weeks, I also had the same problem as Tony and this indeed fixed my issue of the NEW – Folder item missing. It is back and works great. Thanks.

  2. RM says:

    Thanks! Finally, a working solution to this problem.

  3. i do what exactly said but it not work to me i need help

  4. Aram says:


    All solutions were pointing me to fix the right click menu ‘New’ option, but NOT the new folder. But you finally shared the solution.