Watch English Premier League/Champions League/ La Liga/Serie A Online For Free

As a Football fan, I prefer watching matches on my TV. Some of the times when the match is not being shown on the TV or when I want to work simultaneously while watching these matches, I prefer to watch them online. I don’t have to install any software and there are 3 websites which I prefer.

ustreamtv – It is a website which allows you to stream or broadcast live video for free. So when live matches are going on, you will find many users who are broadcasting the EPL, Champions League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga matches. Just search for match or a team name and you will find various streams. – It is also a similar site like . Here you just have to visit the “Sports” section and you will find various live streaming of matches going on. The streams of may take some 5-10 minutes while loading.


IraqGoals – This website will contain embedded links to the matches which are being broadcasted through the above mentioned two sites. It does not host any streaming video but it will save you a lot of searching time. Just visit the time and you will get a schedule telling which match links are going to be embedded there. – This is another great site where you will find links to almost all the football matches going around the globe. Here you can also find sopcast links also. Thanks to Kim for telling about this.


  1. Hi Madhur – I watch all of my matches online because I don’t have any sort of package on my television for the stations that broadcast the games.

    I usually go to and then look through the available streams. Some are a lot better than others. There’s a new one called Veetle that has an awesome picture. I usually only use IraqGoals as a last resort.

  2. Nihar says:

    This is great. I am not a football fan. But, i will check it out.