Capture and Add Annotations to Screenshots with Greenshot


Greenshot is a free, open source and portable software that can be used to take screenshots quickly and add annotations to it. As a blogger or a a computer user, the need to take screenshots always arises. Using Greenshot, you can quickly take screenshots, edit and save them instantly.

The program will quietly run in the system tray and has a few hotkeys associated for different type of captures. To Capture a Region, you can press the ‘Print’ key and a cursor will appear on the screen and you can drag it to select the specific region you want to capture. To capture a window, press “ Alt + Print” and you can select the window that you want to capture or you can use “ Ctrl + Print” to capture the whole screen. After you have captured a screenshot, it will open in the image editor and from there you can modify it by adding text and other annotations before saving it. The application has a lot of settings that can be configured. You can configure it so that the image is automatically saved after it has been saved or you can directly send the image to a printer and copy its location to clipboard. You can also specify the Print Options in the preferences. To add some nice realistic effects, you can add the flashlight and camera sound effects while taking the screenshots. It also supports a popular image formats like Jpeg, PNG, BMP etc.

The application is very small in size and is also portable. It works in Windows.



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