Integrate Your Webmail with Windows with Affixa


Affixa is a free utility that makes your Webmail accounts like Gmail, Yahoo mail etc part of Windows. When you try to send some file through programs like Word, Adobe, Explorer etc or you click on any mailto links, it opens and attaches the files in Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird depending on the client that you are using. But many of us must be using Gmail or Yahoo mail accounts to send emails. Using Affixa, you can use such features with your webmail account. It also lets you gather and prepare files that you want to send.

affixa basket

Now every time you encounter a mail like situation in Windows, Affix will let you choose which webmail account to use while sending the mail. It will also work with the Send to Email links in different programs like Word, Explorer etc. You can easily switch between using your Webmail accounts and Outlook accounts to send emails. It can also handle your ‘mailto’ links so that you can choose which email to use for sending your files.

Affixa also offers a nice concept of ‘Basket’ that you can use. You can open a basket by right clicking the Affixa icon the system tray. You can then drag and drop files into the basket that you went to send as attachment. You can also resize pictures here before sending them in email. Before sending your files as attachments, you can also zip them or if the attachment size is big, Affix can automatically upload your files to and will send the download link along with the email message. You can have more than one basket at a time and you can also save baskets for future use.

If you prefer Web based email, this is one must have program. You can even use it with your desktop based email accounts to add some new functionality. The program is free for personal use. The program requires Windows XP/Vista/2003/2008 and .Net Framework 2.0.



  1. Sanjeev says:

    Wow, nice tool man.. I will try this for sure

  2. WPerk says:

    Do not bother with this software! It is Crippleware! Only allows ONE email account unless you give them money!