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I like to mention about all the Application Launchers that i come across because such programs can always make our work easier and increase productivity. RocketDock is a great utility to have if there are a few programs that you use everyday but if the program list is large, RocketDock can get filled quickly. sTabLauncher is an application launcher that offers something different by letting you create tabs in the dock. You can even group your programs this way and can even have a lot of programs in the dock.

Each tab can be populated with as many icons as you like. You can dock it along the top or bottom of the screen or anywhere you want along the edges. The launcher is highly customisable. You can modify each tab individually and select its colour, skin, font, size etc. The tabs can be arranged by dragging and dropping. The tab separators can also be customized by adding images or text. It also has Mini Browser  which lets you browse folders. You can even drag and drop files over an application and the file will open with it. This is quite similar to the open with feature in Windows. You can even configure the transparency of the Launcher and make it blend with your Desktop.

This is a nice launcher and a good one for those who are not Satisfied with RocketDock or ObjectDock. It runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista and requires .Net Framework 2.0.


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