10 Free Backup Software For Windows

It is essential for any Computer User to take a backup of the data. You don’t know when some virus infection or a hard disk crash may make you lose all your important data so it is essential to have a backup ready.

1) Cobian Backup

This is one of the best Backup applications available. You can use it to schedule and backup your files from one location to another. Files and Directories can also be backed up on any network computer or FTP server. It also supports compression and encryption. It is also portable and can be run as a system service. Read More

2) Comodo Backup

Even though Comodo are known for there Internet Security products, they have a very good Backup Tool. Comodo Backup can be used to backup files and folders anywhere on the Computer, Network, FTP. It even supports CD and DVD burning. Backup can be scheduled as well as synchronized and it can even send a mail notification about the status of the backup job.

3) Bonkey

Bonkey or “The Backup Monkey” is one a good backup Application for both Windows and Mac. It can be used to Backup to most storage devices but it is specifically been designed to be used with the Amazon S3 service. It can even backup Sql Server database and supports scheduling, compression, encryption etc.

4) FBackup

It is one of the simple and easy to use Backup Application. A simple wizard guides you on the source, destination, what to backup and when to backup. It saves the backup in zip format which can be password protected and it can even make a mirror copy. It can even perform an action before and after a backup operation and can also backup files which are in use. Read More

5) Jaback

It is a simple Backup Application which can be used to Automate backups of your important files and folders. Backups are stored in zip format and can be stored on Computer, Network, FTP server. Apart from a scheduler, it can also perform backup when a file/folder change is detected. It runs on Windows as well as Mac.

6) Microsoft SyncToy

This can be used to backup and synchronize files between multiple folders on PC or network locations. It creates an extra backup in case something gets wrong. It comes with some good options which can be customized.

7) Areca Backup

It is an open source and advanced Backup Application. It has a command line interface which can be used for backup automation. Apart from that it also supports compression, encryption, filtering etc and it can also launch some shell script after backup.

8) Ace Backup

Ace Backup was a commercial application which has been made free of charge. It offers local and remote backup and also allows you to Encrypt your data. It supports different compression levels and advanced encryption. It also supports automatic scheduled backups and multiple versioning backups.

9) SyncBack SE

This program has both free and paid versions and the free version is quite sufficient. It is a simple software which will let you backup and synchronize your files between same or different drives, CD, FTP server etc.

10) Vista Backup Mill

It is a simple software is designed to backup your files and folders as fast as possible with minimal effort and interruption. It can make secure backups of data to HDD, Flash drives, network computers or FTP servers. It can even save in multiple storage locations.

If you know any other good ones, do share it in comments.


  1. Pools says:

    Why is that people buy separate backup software when Windows comes equipped with a backup utility?

  2. […] The software is free and runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. Which software do you use for taking backups ? Here is a nice list of 10 Backup software for Windows. […]

  3. wurdipus says:


    well, this is a list of FREE software and if you have ever used the windows backup program…well…its not exactly full featured. Fantastic list here of free alternatives that can do a bit more than the built in backup windows comes with.

    -wurd up

  4. James says:

    EASEUS Todo Backup is also a free and reliable backup software http://www.todo-backup.com/