Change Desktop Wallpaper Periodically with ThetaWall


Having a same wallpaper for too long can get boring. If you have multi monitor setup, then changing wallpapers manually may take some time.  ThetaWall is a small and free wallpaper changer application that changes desktop wallpapers automatically using the images it finds in the sub directories.

The program require no installation and you can run it directly after extracting. The program will sit quietly in the system tray and will change the wallpapers regularly. You can right click on the system try icons and configure it according to your needs. To add wallpaper to the collection, just right click on it and select SendTo –> ‘ThetaWall’. You can set the interval after which you want to wallpaper to change. The application can make the images span across several monitors and it can also make a collage from your photos and display it. It gives you an option to enlarge and reduce images to fit the screen and it can also work as a screen saver.

The program is very small in size and is a freeware. It runs on Windows and requires .Net Framework.



  1. Pavan Kumar says:

    This is the kind of software which I used when I bought my first ever computer, later on they seemed to slow my system and now I don’t have any craze in using such one….

  2. Vikram says:

    Ya, this is cool wallpaper shuffler, but i recommend jeallybean which i re posted on my site it comes with a set of wallpapers to choose from. give it a try.