Schedule Timer and Reminders with Marxio Timer

Marxio Timer is a free and multifunctional scheduling tool which can execute different type of tasks on your Computer. Each task is configured as an individual configuration file and can be loaded when needed or can be launched when computer starts.

Marxio Timer

The interface of the program is very simple. You just have to select the action that you want to execute and when to execute. The different tasks that can be executed include Turning Off Computer, Restart, Log Off, Hibernate, Run Program, Play Sound, Display Text, End Program, Simulate Keypress etc. You can set a time when the action will be performed or you can perform the action after some event like when the computer is idle or the CPU usage is low. You can also make events repeat after certain interval. You can even password protect it and you can also save your settings. Once you have activated it, it will display a progress window in the system tray that will keep track of the remaining time until the launch and will also allow you to pause and cancel it.

The program is freeware and is also portable so you can carry it with you on a USB drive. The program works on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.



  1. kpt says:

    Superb. I’ve tried over 10 similar applications instead of Windows Scheduler and suddenly spotted Marxio Timer. One word. It rocks. Ok two words 🙂 but none of those I tested had so many functions like Marxio Timer has and none of the had so customizable short-term scheduler. Fantastic tool. Try it youself 🙂 Oh, I’m using portable version – no installation required. This function rocks too.

  2. Gizmo says:

    Excellent software. Ideal for carrying it on my pendrive. This application can really replace many similar (sometimes poor in quality) applications with Marxio Timer. Example ? 1. reminder, 2.turn off pc after playing music, 3. run program periodically, 4. make screenshots, 5. lock user session after specified idle time elapses. 5. Hibernate PC when it’s idle for some time, 6. Restart PC periodically, 7. Shutdown PC when CPU usage exceeds selected value for a specified time, 8. Shutdown PC when PC no longer needed – idle time over 2 hrs, 9. Use simple stopwatch to measure anything, 10. Simulate keypress – refresh website with F5 buton, 11. Disable screensaver temporarily while watching movies.
    Now please tell me, what application can do that much ? Which one can work in tray, display popups on top of other windows, can be password protected or close itself after execution or which one allows you to load/save readymade actions and put links on desktop or run actions with windows startup ?

  3. dmk says:

    I just loved it from the first use. Perfect tool as for reminder and rich in options scheduler. I like programs where I can set many options as I want and not use so called “wizards” like in Windows internal scheduler.
    This one, Marxio Timer is easy to use, has many settings to select and I’m glad my function was accepted by the author and implemented in this application. It took him only few days to implement it and I also received a beta version to test it before public release. I wish all developers were so fast.

  4. grey says:

    Cute tool. What I like the best in this tool is a scheduler – it’s far more intuitive and easier to setup than native Windows Scheduler. Thank you developers for this excellent free software. In fact, it’s one of those free but vey rich in any options and settings.