Get a Nice Calendar with Task Reminder on Your Desktop with ReminderCube

ReminderCube is a nice little Desktop Calendar which comes with many features. The Calendar can display your daily events and it also has a reminder application that reminds you of upcoming tasks. Apart from that, it also comes with an application launcher, Feed Reader, Password manager and a Address Book.

The Month View on the Calendar displays the month’s days in the upper side and day’s event on the lower side. The Week view is similar to Month’s view but it displays only week days. It contains an all day panel where you can write notes with various formatting style. You can create and manage your events and can even set up alarms to remind you. It also has a password manager where you can store your passwords which will be locked by a master key. Apart from that, it also has a RSS reader, image viewer, application launcher which can be used to launch your favourite applications and a Gmail Checker. There is also an address book which supports vcard standard. You can also get information about weather forecasts for your cities of interest.

The application is fully customizable and you can modify its look and feel by using themes. It is a free application that runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.