Split and Join Large Files with MMH Split

MMH Split is a freeware which can be used to Split and Join large files easily. If you are trying to send a large file through email, it is better to split them into smaller parts and then send them. This makes it easier for both the sender and the receiver. Using MMH Split, all this is quite easy.

After running the application, just select the source file, the destination folder and the size of each part which you can select predefined or enter a custom size. Joining the files is also similar. Just select any part of the file and the destination file. It can also generate a Sfv file for CRC32 check. The splitting and joining is quite quick and you can also access the file simultaneously. You can also control the main thread priority and the buffer size. It also integrates with the Windows Right Click Context Menu so you can launch it quickly from any file. You can even create custom split profiles and save it.

The application is very tiny and is also free. It runs on Windows and requires .Net Framework 2.0.