MyFotoPad is a free Scrapbooking Software

MyFotoPad is a free scrapbooking software that has a lot of features. You can do almost anything you like with your scrapbooks. Just drag and drop anything that you want from the web, work with the pictures, draw something, add audio to the scrapbook, create collage etc.

The interface of the program is quite similar to MS Office Word or Wordpad. Using it, you can write anywhere you want and whatever you want. You can even draw something using freehand, line tools or draw some custom shape. You can even drag and drop anything that you want from the web or document etc and it will be included. You can easily add audio files and pictures. You can enhance the photos by giving them a sepia effect, embossing them, giving them a torn look or improving there sharpness, contrast, blur etc. It also has a screen capture function using which you can capture the whole or a part of the screen or some page that you want. You can protect your document by password protecting it. You can also publish your creation as Image or HTML file.

This is quite a good software with a nice interface and some good features using which you can create some beautiful scrapbooks. It requires no installation and you can directly run the exe files. It runs on Windows and requires .Net Framework 2.0.


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  1. stratosg says:

    This is interesting. I am not that imaginative with things and maybe this can help create a few cool stuff 😉 Thanks!