Check Website for Broken Links with Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Xenu’s Link Sleuth is a freeware that can check you website for broken links. It is one of the fastest link checking software available and has a lot of features. Since it is multithreaded, it can check a whole site pretty quickly. Along with the link status, it also displays the title, type, size etc.

Just run the program and enter the URL of the website which you want to check. It will perform link verification for normal links, images, backgrounds, style sheets, scripts and java applets. It will display a continuously updated list of URLs which it has scanned so far. You can sort the list based on a certain criteria. You can use it for other purpose too. The program also displays the size of each page or image so you can use it to find your largest pages or images and optimize them to reduce the page load time. It also displays the In links and Out links so you know which of your pages are most linked and contain the most outgoing links. You can also use it to find which of your pages are missing a title or which of your images don’t have alternate text. From SEO point of view, this can be very useful. It can also recheck broken links in case there was a temp network error and it also works with SSL sites. A full report can also be generated which can be used.

The program is very useful for those who have a website or a blog and want to check it for broken links. It is a freeware and runs on Windows.



  1. alternately one can submit his/her blog to big Daddy Google’s webmaster tool and check if Google found any broken link on blog.

  2. Raju says:

    I have used this tool for great effect especially when changing themes.

  3. Sanjeev says:

    It will help in optimizing the website and SEO as well. Thanks for sharing

  4. Nihar says:

    Thanks for this. I heard about this from my regular reader. But, didn’t check it out.

    I am sure i will have lots of links which may be broken.

  5. Gagan says:

    yea, its good for Blogger blogs but for WordPress we have Broken Link Checker plugin :p