Remove Metadata From Images with JPEG & PNG Stripper

All the pictures that you take from your digital camera contains a lot of Metadata information like the date/Time, Camera used, serial number and more. JPEG and PNG Stripper is a free tool for removing Metadata from images without affecting the image quality.

The usage of the program is very simple. Just run the application and drop the images in the program window and they will be automatically stripped of any Metadata. You can choose to keep the date and time of the pictures intact before processing them. The program also offers command line support so that you can just specify and file or a folder from the command line. You can also integrate it with the explorer context menu to launch it quickly from anywhere.

The program is helpful if you want to get rid of Metadata from your images. It is a freeware and runs on Windows.



  1. Nihar says:

    Any advantage if we remove that info?

  2. Ajith says:

    Very good find man… Usually I have to use an expensive image editing tool when ‘stealing’ and modifying the properties of the pictures from the web 🙂

  3. AirAf says:

    to Nihar: metadata can pose privacy risk. See the Cat Schwartz case in this article.

    Exif Tag Remover and BatchPurifier LITE are also free metadata strippers. Both of them allow you to choose exactly what metadata types to remove.