Find Out the Time you Spend On your Computer with MapleXP

MapleXP is a free program which allows a user to find out the time he spends on his computer. More specifically, it allows a user to find out the time he has spent working on each project. This can be quite useful for programmers, artists, editors etc as it allows them to find out how much they spend working on each project.

You have to create a database file in which all the data will be stored for a particular user. The application gives you the ability to track multiple projects and the time spent on them. Each project can be sub divided into hierarchical tasks so that you can precisely track the time spent on each task. You can also create different databases for different type of projects that you manage.

The application is a freeware and runs on Windows XP/2003/Vista and requires .Net Framework 3.5.



  1. Gagan says:

    its nice, now I can easily know, for how much time my brother is using my Laptop 🙂

  2. Ruchi says:

    This software will give more then 12 hours for me. 🙂
    Any ways nice program, will give it a try.