wikidPad is Wiki-Like Notepad Replacement

wikidPad is a nice Notepad replacement for Windows. Unlike other notepad replacements, this one is Wiki-Like and can very much help in storing down thoughts, ideas, to do lists, contacts info or anything other things that you want. One of the features which makes it different from other similar applications is that it greatly helps in cross linking of information.

The interface of the program is similar to that of Notepad. A left hand pane display all the nodes while the right hand side displays the page which you are viewing. Links can be created by typing WikiWords which is any mixed case word typed into the editor. The linking is on the fly and the users who prefer Wikipedia like documents are sure to love it. It also supports WikiWords auto completion and navigation. Wikis can also be exported to HTML. The program may take a bit getting used to and be sure to read the documentation before working on it.

The program has a steep learning curve but when someone has got hold of it, this can become quite useful as all the data and notes can be linked quite easily. It is free and open source and runs on Windows.