Detect and Delete Spyware from The Computer using SpyDLLRemover

SpyDLLRemover is a standalone and free application which can be used to detect and remove Spywares from your Computer System. It also helps in detecting and deleting userland based rootkits which hide the processes and injected modules to prevent their detection from antirootkit softwares. It uses multiple techniques such as direct syscall implementation, CSRSS process handle detection, PIDB method etc to find out the user land rootkit processes.

The program can also remove malicious DLLs quickly by displaying all DLLs within a process and there threat levels. It uses a DLL based injection technique to get rid of them completely. The DLLs are marked with different color based on threat level, thus making it easy and quick to eliminate the spyware DLLs. You can also use it to terminate any suspicious or hidden process directly using NT system calls. It also has an integrated online mechanism using which you can validate any suspicious DLLs through The interface is simple and displays all information about the processes running on the Computer like process name, id, company name, description, memory utilization etc.

It is a standalone application and requires no installation. You can run it directly. It is a freeware and runs on Windows.



  1. Gagan says:

    Hey, never heard of this tool. I am using Super Anti Spyware. Going to try it also. Downloading it now. thanks 🙂

  2. Nihar says:

    Never heard on this. But thanks for sharing this. WIll check this out.