Hide Messages in Images using P2Stego

If you want to send a secret message to someone or you want to store sensitive information on your machine without letting others know about it, give P2Stego a try. P2Stego is a freeware using which you can store messages inside Bitmap (BMP) files. Then only users having P2Stego and knowing the right password will be able to have access to the message.

Its usage is very simple. Install and run the software. To hide a message, go to the hide tab, select the source bitmap file, the password and the message that you want to be stored. The message will then get embedded in the destination Bitmap file. Anyone who will open the image will see the normal image and not the message. To read the message, a person will have to open the image in P2Stego and will have to type the correct password in order to see the secret message.

The program offers a cool way of sending secret information. It is a freeware and a portable version is also available. It runs on Windows.



  1. Kikolani says:

    That’s pretty sneaky! It would be a fun way to conduct an online treasure hunt through your website for clues by description of photos.

    ~ Kristi