Store Your Files Securely in The Vault

We all have some information in our Computer that we want to keep protected so that no other can access it. If you are looking for a way to Encrypt your files, The Vault is a good program. The Vault is a freeware using which you can store all your files and folders in a protected an Encrypted database so that it is safe from others.

You can create as many vault as you like and can store any number of files inside them. The program uses secure Encryption algorithms like Blowfish, Rijndael, Serpent and Twofish. You can quickly add any files to the Vault by just drag and drop. Files can easily be decrypted and extracted to the Disk. You can also open any file from the vault, modify it and save it back into the vault. Each vault can easily be deleted along with the contents. If you want to carry the vault with you, you can easily transfer the program and the vault contents to the USB drive.

The program is currently a freeware and in in beta stage. The program runs on all the version of Windows.