Get Quick Access to your Favourite Folders with Direct Folders

Whenever you want to save a file to your favourite location, you open the save dialog and then navigate to your desired folder or when you want to access your favourite folder, you have to open my computer and navigate all the way there. Don’t you wish there was a way you could skip all those steps and quickly open your favourite folder. Direct Folders is a freeware which can provide quick access to your favourite folders. You can quickly jump to any deeply nested folder with just a single click.

One of the best things about this application is that it can be accessed from the desktop, Windows Explorer and even from the Open/Save Dialog. So now whenever you see a Open/Save dialog, just double click on the White Area and you will see a small drop down menu which will contain your favourite folders and you can quickly jump to it. You can configure Direct Folders to store links to all your favourite folders. The “Recent” option on the drop down menu lets you access previously opened locations or any other location that is there in the clipboard. The program can also resize the Open/Save and other standard dialog boxes automatically so that you can view more files at a go.

The program can be configured by right clicking on the tray icon and choosing Configure. You can add all your desired folders under the “Organize Favourites” tab. The program can also automatically switch the default Folder View (List, details etc) based on the application that you are using. This can be configured for different application by going to the “Application” tab.

The program is very useful and highly productive and can save a lot of your precious time. It is a freeware and works on Windows.


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