Dad’s Around is a small Boss Key Application

A Boss Key is a software application which can hide your on screen computer activities on the press of a hotkey. Such activities can come quite handy in office when you are playing a game or goofing off on the Computer and your Boss suddenly appears. Dad’s Around is a small and lightweight boss key application that offers some nice features.

The program offers four options which can be configured by right clicking the system tray icon. You can activate and deactivate the options that you want. The options can then be executed by pressing the hot key. The options that it gives include “Silence Wave Audio”, “Kill Foreground Process”, “Minimize all Windows” and “Show black screen”. The default Hotkey is Windows + Z but you can change it as well.

The program is very small in size and requires no installation. It takes around 4-5 MB of system memory while running. It is a donation ware and runs on Windows.