SundryTools is a Collection of Multi Functional Utilities

SundryTools is a free collection of multi functional utilities which range from multimedia organizer to several other system utilities and other tools.The utilities include a multimedia organizer using which you can quickly and easily organize your CD and DVDs collection of music and movies.

It has a media manager which enables you to index files that are stored on local folders and other locations and enables easy searching through the entire collection without the need for inserting the CD/DVDs. Apart from its multimedia utilities, it also includes system utilities like Task Scheduler, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Process Manager, Task Encryption, Download Manager, Reminder Tool etc. Some of its features include

  • Insert a audio CD and retrieve album info automatically from Gracenote.
  • DVD Collection showing information and covers
  • Rate films stored on hard drive, DVD, VHS and films or on your wish list
  • Auto-start applications Normal, Minimized or Hidden, with or without focus and with a optional delay
  • Turn of, Restart or Log off computer automatically
  • Timer and Stopwatch with alert
  • Two calendars displaying difference between the two dates, Day Of Year & Days Remaining
  • Multiple Downloads is a Auto-Download manager
  • Preview images while downloading, automatically rename downloads and subfolders
  • Crypt Notes is a notepad with a extended Toolbar
  • Windows edition & Basic Hardware information
  • Close or Kill Process
  • CPU Usage, including animated tray icon
  • Reminder is a Day planner incl. Appointments/ Birthdays and Red-Letter Days
  • And Lots Moreā€¦.

This is a good collection of system utilities which can be useful. It is a freeware and runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.