Backup and Synchronize Files with PureSync

PureSync is a file backup and Synchronization software using which you can keep a backup of all your important files and synchronize the content of multiple folders. Windows Vista and 7 come with Backup and Synchronize options but they don’t provide with you with enough options that you like. PureSync is one of the best and easy to use software one can find.

The interface of the program is simple and a step by step wizard is there to help you set up a backup and synchronize tasks easily. You can select whether you want to set up a backup, synchronize or a photo mode profile. You can then select the origin and destination folders and some compare options. You can backup the files manually or have it run at specified intervals. You can also setup synchronization to occur when ever changes are detected. It can also synchronize files when it detects that a particular drive has been connected or a particular folder is found. You can also set up advanced options like file exclusions, conflict management and more. The Photo Mode can copy files from your digital cameras. You can also backup files to your network folders. A professional version of the software is also available which supports features like FTP copy, copying of open/locked files etc but free version is enough for personal use.

The software is free and runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. Which software do you use for taking backups ? Here is a nice list of 10 Backup software for Windows.