Windows 7 Logon Screen Rotator

Windows 7 Logon Screen Rotator is a free application which allows you to select 10 different images that will be applied randomly during each Windows 7 Login. If you are tired of seeing the same Windows 7 Login each time and are looking for a change, give this application a try.

The application is very simple to use. Run the application, choose the 10 images and click on “Enable Settings and Exit”. You must make sure that the image you want to use is less than 256Kb. The application will ask you with which image to start and you can enter the desired number. The program requires no installation. To remove the settings, just run the included app “Remove files and settings” and the settings will be removed.

It is a freeware and requires .Net Framework and works on Windows 7.


  1. Pallab says:

    Nice software. I wonder what’s taking stardock so long! Hopefully they will have the final releases of Windowblinds and other products for Win 7 soon.

  2. This is an old version, please check for updated versions that include a lot more features =)