ConTEXT is a Free and Powerful Text Editor for Programmers

Whenever we think about any notepad replacement, the first name that comes to our minds is Notepad++. Apart from that, there are other good text editors that we can also use. ConTEXT is a free and powerful text editor that will be very useful for software developers or programmers. It has a powerful syntax highlighting and supports a lot of popular languages like C, C++, Java, HTML, Php, SQL, Visual Basic, CSS, Python etc.

You can also open unlimited number of files of any size. It also offers Project Workspace support and also offers Code Templates. It has powerful search functionality which also supports regular expressions. You can also search and replace a single text in multiple files that are open in a single click. Some of its other features include

  • file explorer with favourites list
  • file compare
  • conversion DOS->UNIX->Macintosh file formats
  • editing position remembering across files
  • C/Java-style block auto indent/outdent
  • incremental search with text emphasizing
  • customizable syntax highlighter colors, cursors, margin, gutter, line spacing…
  • capturing console applications standard output
  • powerful command line handler
  • and more

This is also very small in size and programmer may find it quite useful for there work. It is a free and open source and works on almost all the version of Windows.



  1. Anish K.S says:

    Good, will check it.

  2. sunil says:

    THX for the information.

  3. Sanjeev says:

    I have used EditPlus for many years and that was pretty good but never tried ConTEXT for my projects. Will use that and let you know my review.

  4. Nihar says:

    I still stick to EditPlus, It is also very good. Heard a lot about Notepad++. but this is new to me.