Load Adobe Reader Faster with PDF SpeedUp

You may have noticed that whenever you try to open a PDF file using Adobe Reader, the operation takes some amount of time. PDF SpeedUp is a freeware that can speed up the time it takes to load Adobe Reader when you open a PDF document.

When Adobe Reader starts it loads many plug-ins which you may or may not need which affects the loading time. PDF SpeedUp simply disables the plug-ins and loads only the ones that are absolutely necessary. You can also enable or disable the selected plugins manually if you want. You can also turn off all the updates and disable the Splash screen if you want. It can also turn off the advertisements for Adobe products in the upper-right corner of the toolbar The settings can be restored anytime you want.

The program is a freeware and supports all the version of Adobe Reader.



  1. Sanjeev says:

    Oh buddy, this is one of the best and must tool for everyone using Adobe Reader. Good one.

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