Monitor Multiple Gmail Accounts with Scott’s Gmail Alert

If you have multiple gmail accounts, then managing them using a browser can be tough as you will have to constantly sign in and out to check different accounts. Scott’s Gmail Alert is a freeware using which you can monitor upto 5 Gmail accounts and get notified when some new mail arrives.

The program runs in the system tray and displays a popup when some new message arrives. The popup contains the subject and the excerpt of the message content. You can set different color popup to appear for different accounts so that you may know in which account you received the message. You can even set custom colors for message from specific senders. Apart from monitoring your Gmail account, you can also use it to monitor events that have been recorded in your Google Calendar and it includes a basic RSS reader to monitor Google news streams or any RSS feed of your choice. You can even set up a sound alert and customize the alert settings. You can even use to send mails from your account without the need to open the web interface.

The program is a freeware and works on Windows XP/Vista/7.