Locate the URL of Audio/Video Files on the Internet with URL Snooper

Many Video and Audio streaming websites sometimes hide the URLs of the Audio and Video files behind the JavaScript and activex scripts so it becomes difficult to find out the actual URL which can then be used for downloading those content. URL Snooper is a freeware which can find URLs for all streams by watching network traffic and identifying potential URLs especially the ones related to streaming media.

It uses WinPcap and acts as a small network sniffer that automatically filters all URL requests that it encounters. You can also filter the list based on a selection to show only multimedia content. Some of its features are

  • Smart packet spanning – rebuilds packet streams to eliminate split-urls
  • Improved identification of protocols, duplicates, and url arguments
  • dynamic url filtering keywords
  • Includes recording hints and website links

The program is a freeware and runs on almost all the version of Windows.