TreePad Lite is a Powerful Personal Organizer

TreePad Lite is a powerful personal organizer that allows you to store all your notes, emails, hyperlinks, text in a tree like structure. The program stores all this information in one or more databases. It has got the look and feel of Windows Explorer thereby making the process of creating, searching and editing information easier.

All the information can be saved and retrieved in a tree like structure just like the way that you browse files and directories in Windows. You can save all your information like notes, hyperlinks defining your own structure. All the information is stored in articles which are shown in the right pane of the program window. All the nodes that you create can be easily dragged and dropped in the tree like structure wherever you want. You can also search for information quickly and all the information can also be printed easily. The information can be exported as html, csv, txt files and you can also import specific trees of information if you want. The articles can be linked to one another using hyperlinks.

The program is small in size and is portable and you can even run it from a USB drive. The program runs on almost all the version of Windows.