Resize Images Automatically with Dropresize

As a blogger, i have to constantly resize images every time i upload them on any of my blogs. If you also find yourself resizing images a lot, then check out Dropresize. It is a free application which can automate the job of image resizing for you.

The application quietly runs in the system tray and it monitors a folder in your hard drive. Any images that you drop into that folder are automatically resized according to your specifications. You can specify the width and height of the images in the application settings. The program works with only jpeg images. A word of caution though, the program doesn’t keep an original copy of the images, so keep a backup copy if you need the original photo. The program is in beta and may contain some bugs.

The software requires no installation and can be run directly. It works on Windows XP/Vista/7 and requires .Net Framework 2.